Real Estate Professionals

Design Center West, Bedworx, Inc. was  founded in Framingham, MA, in 1977 by Robin Boyce and her sister Audrey Small. Within a few years;  It fast became a one stop shopping experience with furniture and accessories; and Forty years later; remains one of  New England’s  best destinations for home buyers. For those new to the area Real Estate professionals wanting to make a better presentation when selling; bring their clients in.

Twenty-five years ago; Robin started offering Real Estate Agents, and brokers, a mutually benefit referral program. For every client referred to our showroom, the professional will receive credits, that may be taken in cash, or merchandise to the tune of furniture, accessories, carpeting, window treatments, blinds and shades and more! Rest easy knowing that your client will still get the best pricing when they shop with us.

Design Center West is known for the best quality and competitive pricing. Regardless of whether your customers are staging, renovating or looking for new goods for their new home, Robin will walk your clients through the selection process and help them find the best fit for their needs.

We offer all species of per-finished hardwood flooring and all types of carpeting. We specialize in natural stones, including granite and marble counter tops. Not to mention that we also pick paints! Take advantage of a reduced hourly price on interior or exterior paint selections.

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