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Hi Robin,

We are writing you this letter to thank you for the wonderful job you did for us.  This is the 2nd time we have used you and your company.  The 1st time was over 10 years ago.  At that time you did our living room, dining room and kitchen which came out beautiful and the quality of the workmanship and installation is everlasting.  This last time was after we did renovations to our home.  We needed to update our dining room and kitchen.  You came to our house – we showed you our color scheme – you knew exactly what we needed.  You were so confident with your talent and knowledge.  We put ourselves in your hands and it came out beautiful.  You truly had the vision, you were so easy and fun to work with.  We would definitely use you and your company again and would absolutely recommend you.


Thank you for everything.

-The Nasons


I have had the pleasure of working with Robin Boyce of Design Center West on two major projects. The first was a renovation/rejuvenation of our existing home. The end results far exceeded our expectations and when we made the decision to build a new home, we involved Robin from the very first meeting with the builder.

Robin’s professional knowledge, demeanor and fabulous sense of style were invaluable to us. We came to rely upon her judgment with regard to matters that went well beyond the scope of interior design. Building a home is an overwhelming project, but with Robin guiding us, we were able to make the multitude of decisions with far less stress and aggravation.

Robin Boyce is an invaluable source of information but most importantly, she is a wonderful, caring person whom both my husband and I now consider to be a close friend.

-Robin Berman

For the better part of the past 5 years, Robin and her employees have been assisted me and my family in the design, development, and improvement of our new home and associated furnishings. We started our relationship with Robin very early in the process and because of her experience and subcontractor relationships, have avoided many expensive mistakes and prevented costly delays. During the building phase, we addressed every aspect of the building process from interior design, material selection, exterior landscaping, kitchen design, flooring, lighting, appliance selection, etc, etc.

Robin’s communication skills and insight into the building and design process is unparalleled. Her attention to detail and timeliness of work has been remarkable. If there is a required deadline, she will meet or exceed the target. If there is a potential delay looming, she will find it and fix it. Robin is extremely responsive, articulate, and unmatched in her professional approach to business.

Our home project was an extremely rewarding and exciting experience. Prior to hiring Robin, we interviewed multiple design and architectural firms and can comfortably say that we made a very good decision!! We would, without question, recommend Robin to anyone!!

On a personal note, my wife Donna and I have become absolutely, positively enamored with Robin and her assistant Pat. They are no longer simply business associates, they are family and we have built a multiyear relationship and friendship with them that we will cherish forever!!

-Michael J. Savage

Robin’s keen eye for detail makes each project that we do with her a masterpiece. From window treatments, furnishings or just picking the perfect paint color – Robin knows her trade.

We are redoing are Cape house kitchen with her now and I have confidence that it too will turn out spectacular.

-Marlene & Robert Aron


My experience working with Robin and her staff has always been a positive one. From one, myself, who does not have the “interior decorative gene”, the  assistance, help and assurance I receive when I walk in the store, make decisions on wallpaper, bathroom fixtures, towels, etc for full bathroom re-design is invaluable. To walk into a store and have a “one stop shopping” for all my interior design needs is a treasure to behold. Design Center West/Bedworx is the place to go for all your interior and exterior design needs.

 -Geri Lambert


I have had the good fortune of working with Robin Boyce and her staff over the past 20 years and through four homes.
Originally, I worked with Robin to decorate a home that I owned in Hopkinton. She supplied me with wallpaper, window treatments and her good taste, as well as the vendors to complete the jobs.

Fifteen years ago, my husband and I decided to build a home in Sudbury. Neither of us had ever built before, nor did we understand the scope of the project. The first place I stopped after we found a lot was Robin’s Design Center. I hired her to work with us through the construction phase of the project, as well as to decorate and accessorize. Robin accompanied me to all the various suppliers and crafts personnel. She helped the cabinetmaker design my kitchen and cabinetry designs. She hand drew my vanities, which he was able to fabricate. She traveled with me to the plumbing supplier, and, when we were unhappy with his service, negotiated great prices at a local supplier that I was able to use instead. Robin supplied me with every inch of carpet in my home, and handled the installation through her vendor. She designed by hand each of the many, many window treatments in my home. We picked wallpapers and we selected faux paint finishes together. She managed the installations and completion of both.

We designed furniture and had it built and delivered. Again, Robin handled all the details. On one occasion, wallpaper arrived and was damaged. When her wallpaper hanger brought the paper to her, she immediately called the supplier and used to her clout to have new paper printed as an exact color match to the original.

Several years later, we bought and renovated a beach house in Maine. Once again I called on Robin to do what she does best: understand my wants and desires, respect my budget, and help me to design a place that looks and feels like my own. Again we selected flooring and wall coverings, as well as shades and Silhouettes. She ordered and delivered every piece of furniture in my home. It’s beautiful, and it reflects what we love, coupled with her excellent taste and service.

Recently we sold our home in Sudbury, and moved to an apartment in Boston. Robin easily transformed our limited space into a wonderful place we could enjoy, and lent us her tremendous eye for size and dimension.

I have worked with many service people in my life and career. There are few that compare in terms of professionalism and service ethic. The bonus is that you work with someone who has exceptional taste and the extraordinary ability to fulfill your decorating dreams and deliver a home you truly feel at home in.

Best wishes, and good luck designing your dream home/room,
-Sheryl Schlackman




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