CAN I TEACH YOU THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT DOWN COMFORTERS, “INSIDE AND OUT” Don’t be misled….. if its cheap…. it is just not worth buying.


We have been selling down comforters since 1981. When we opened our second location Bedworx, in Shoppers World Mall, Framingham, Massachusetts; WE found a niche – designing and selling down and feather bedding products to the residential, design, and hospitality industries.

I would like to demystify and explain the differences between Down & Bedding Basics.

Feathers are the plumage found on the outside of waterfowl; they have a two-dimensional quality with a shaft running vertically through the feather. The contoured shape of feathers provides a supportive quality which makes them appropriate for use in sleeping pillows, decorative pillow inserts and feather beds. They are generally not used for insulating purposes.

Down Clusters, often simply referred to as down, are the three-dimensional plumage found under the belly feathers of ducks and geese. They are nature’s finest insulation, allowing waterfowl to remain warm even in the most frigid environments. Down clusters have a center core with fibers extending outward from the core, but unlike feathers there is no spine. The three-dimensional quality traps air and maintains warmth without a great deal of weight. Down is also very breathable and allows moisture to evaporate quickly.

What is Fill Power?
Fill power is a numerical designation for the volume one ounce of down occupies. The higher the value the more volume the one ounce will occupy. Fill power also provides an index for determining the lofting, insulation properties and quality of the down.Duvet Insert Construction
Duvet insert construction provides the performance features and aesthetic appearance of a duvet insert. Baffle Boxstitch construction utilizes vertical walls of fabric between each box; allowing the fill to achieve its greatest loft and a smoother surface texture. Sewn-Thru Boxstitch construction features end-to-end closed boxes that are stitched closed to prevent shifting of the fill material. The box shape is more visible because the top and bottom layers of fabric are sewn together. Box sizes offered include 8, 10 and 12″.  All Down inc. duvet inserts are stitched edge-to-edge and are finished using double-needle stitching and cording for enhanced durability.

Our PROMISE to you, is that when you purchase a luxurious DOWN COMFORTER or alternative down comforter from my retail store, with the amount of down that you really need, you will be a customer of ours for life!

       Our Winter Markdowns begin on November 1, 2016

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