New Year, New Floors!


Due to enthusiastic response to our year end flooring sale, we are extending the sale into the new year with the same great promotional pricing on solid hardwood, engineered hardwood and luxury vinyl plank!

Read on to learn the difference between these three, durable types of flooring.

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Hardwood vs. Carpet:

These days there really is no mistaking the popularity of hard-surface flooring for the home. Hardwood is in and carpet is out, my friends! The care and keeping of hardwood is much easier than carpet and hardwood is hypoallergenic — especially when it is pre-finished. Homes with hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring have a higher resale value than their carpeted counterparts.

Hardwood vs. Engineered Hardwood:

Hardwood planks are milled from one solid 3/4″ piece of wood. Species vary but all solid product will expand and contract with the changes in the relative humidity of your home. Expansion gaps are typically left during installation of solid wood floors and are often concealed with base molding.

Engineered Hardwood flooring is made of multiple layers of wood bonded together in plys. Typically three to five plys are used and each layer is laid perpendicular to the layer below it. Top layers are premium veneer paired with less costly wood layers below. Some manufacturers will use recycled product for the core such as wood dust mixed with a bonding agent for improved stability and durability. Both methods can lead to a quality end product.

Humidity is less of a factor for engineered hardwood as it is for solid hardwood. This makes engineered hardwood ideal for kitchens, bathrooms or areas where humidity levels vary greatly; think lake homes, beach homes or just about any basement.

When to use vinyl plank:

Luxury vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile, resilient vinyl flooring — all are great choices for the utility areas of your home. Though it is well-suited to all the rooms in your home, we especially love installing vinyl product in laundry rooms, mud rooms, basements and bathrooms. Vinyl flooring is resistant to water, mold mildew and wear. Planks are typically 6″x36″ and have an excellent real wood look. There is even tile available to mimic the look of stone and porcelain tile.

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